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Gamification at the The 12th Annual MEITAL National Conference

Mrs. Ganit Richter represented Links at the MEITAL Conference

Mrs. Ganit Richter, a LINKS' Ph.D. student at the Faculty of Management and The Center for Internet Research at the University of Haifa, presented her paper on "The mathematics of knowledge sharing gamification".

During the last years there had been a wider use of game elements withing crowd wisdom systems. The aim of the gamification is to stimulate participants to make significant contributions and all this through pleasant games. However, existing models that explain Motivation digital games focus on the way the game creates the overall experience and are discussed individually as a single game element.We will discuss the common elements such as scoring, compensation and design.In addition we will argue that the scoring mechanisms, including the mathematical function that determines the scoring, influence the participation and the desired behavior (knowledge contribution). The lecture presented research tools and preliminary findings.