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Ayelet Baram-Tsabari

Ass. Prof. Ayelet Baram-Tsabari

Dr. Ayelet Baram-Tsabari heads the Biology Education and the Science Communication research groups at the Department of Education in Science and Technology in the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. She is a Landau Fellow for Leaders in Science and Technology Program and an Allon Fellow for Outstanding Young Researchers. 
Baram-Tsabari completed her PhD in 2007 at the Weizmann Institute of Science and serves as a faculty member at the Department of Education in Science and Technology since 2008. She spent 2010 at Cornell University, studying Science Communication. 
Her background consists of academic research in the fields of science education, science communication and the active communication of science in the mass media. In the field of science education she studies ways in which students' interest in science can be identified and incorporated into the formal biology curriculum. In the field of science communication she explores public interest in science. In both areas she applies educational data-mining techniques to develop a bottom-up approach to studying students' and public's interest in science, in contrary to the traditional top-down surveys. 
Baram-Tsabari is interested in bridging science education and science communication research by studying learning outcomes of the presentation of science in the media and examining the learning outcomes of the interactions between scientists and the media. Subjects may be the receivers of the message, the journalists or the scientists themselves.
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