Co-creation of Knowledge in Technology-Enhanced Communities of Learning

Oren Golan


The research group functions as a community net lab focusing on the ways that clearly defined (primordial) communities (re)form social boundaries through the use of new media (i.e. the Internet, mobile communication) and knowledge that is constructed online.

Golan, O. (2012). Youth in the Internet Age: Trust and Informality. In A. Kahane & T. Rappoport (Eds.), Between Order and Chaos: Informal Organizations as a platform for Social and Educational Thought (pp.269-289). Tel Aviv: Resling.

Dr. Oren Golan

Oren Golan is a principal researcher at the LINKS center and a faculty member at the Faculty of Education at Haifa University. Golan's axis of research is on new media, society and informal education, with a strong emphasis on digital youth and online religion. He received his PhD in Sociology and Social Anthropology from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.