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Yaela Golumbic


The LINKS Israel Center or Research Excellence is celebrating it's culminating fith year of research at Beit Daniel , in Zichron Yaacov, together with international and very well known guests: 

Prof. Christopher Hoadley - Steinhart, NYU

Golumbic, Y. N. (2015), What makes Citizen Science projects successful, and what can we learn from them for future projects? This literature review of citizen science projects was ordered and funded by the Technion Citizen Science Project (TCSP)

What makes Citizen Science projects successful: and what can we learn from them for future projects?

Golumbic, Y. N., Baram-Tsabari, A., & Fishbain, B. (2015). Citizen science: Public participation in science. Ecology and the Environment, 6(1), 14-23, (In Hebrew).

Yaela is a doctoral student at the Technion under the academic supervision of Prof. Aleyet Baram-Tsabari from the Department of Education in Science and Technology and Prof. Barak Fishbain from the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Her research is a public participation in scientific research project, of air quality in Neve Shaanan neighborhood in Haifa. The project aims to engage the public in a joint scientific research effort, to hear the local voice and be a part of it.