Co-creation of Knowledge in Technology-Enhanced Communities of Learning

21st century skills

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Social media is a central and important platform for science communication in general and vaccine communication in particular, since a  growing  number  of  people  use  the  internet  to  obtain  health  information,  including  information  about vaccines.


Inquiry Curriculum, Textbooks & Assessment: Technological Changes that Challenge the Representation of School Mathematics


The " interdisciplinary thinking in an enriched technology environment " project is led by Adi Kidron,  a promising Ph.D student  at the University of Haifa.

This study is conducted under the supervision of Prof.

In the scientific world, breakthroughs and new achievements are emerging every day in a variety of scientific fields. Though the research is abundant and innovative, it rarely comes to the attention of the public.

Studying ad-hoc communities of readers of online articles, we found that the most fruitful discussions were initiated in discussion threads, rather than in the articles themselves, indicating that in new media the audience serves as a “growth medium” in which designed

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