Co-creation of Knowledge in Technology-Enhanced Communities of Learning


Yerushalmy, M., Katriel, H. & Shternberg, B. (2002/4)  VisualMath: Function. Interactive Mathematics Text. (in Hebrew (2002) and English (2004))  Published by CET:  The Centre of Educational Technology, Ramat-Aviv. (200 web pages, 80 interactive applications).

Gueudet, G., Pepin, B., Yerushalmy, M., Trouche, L., & Chazan, D. (forthcoming). E-textbooks in/for Teaching and Learning Mathematics: A Disruptive and Potentially Transformative Educational Technology. In Kirshner, D. & English L. (Editors). Handbook of Research in Mathematics Education (3rd Edition).
Event date: 
11/06/2015 - 08:30

The rise of digital books and open textbooks raises a series of challenges to learning and teaching practices, educational institutions and the norms and laws that govern them.

networked society
Event date: 
17/09/2014 - 09:00

Following the tradition that began with the establishment of our I-CORE, the LINKS Community meets again for a fascinating encounter of two consecutive days during which lectures, workshops and meetings will be held. 

שיזף רפאלי - BOOK, MOOC או שוק? טכנולוגיה והשכלה על קצה הצוק?

Prof. Sheizaf Rafaeli, 2.4.2014, University of Haifa.


Yerushalmy, M. (2011) Mobile Gurukul. (M.Yerushalmy, & M. Islam – Developers). Published by the Indian Institute of Information Technology IIITB– Bangalore, India.