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ecis 2014

Ganit Richter presents Research-in-Progress Paper paper, entitled "Score Keeping Function in a Knowledge Sharing Game" co-authors by Ganit Richter, Daphne R. Raban and Sheizaf Rafaeli, University of Haifa

Communication, especially writing, is indeed a challenge for scientists. Scientists find that writing for the general public is particularly difficult, primarily because they have only been trained to communicate with the academic community.

networked society
Event date: 
17/09/2014 - 09:00

Following the tradition that began with the establishment of our I-CORE, the LINKS Community meets again for a fascinating encounter of two consecutive days during which lectures, workshops and meetings will be held. 

Event date: 
10/06/2014 (All day)

Dorit Geifman and Hila Koren, fellow reserachers at the LINKS projects will present their paper GEM: A Model for Collective Ideation at the poster session.

Geifman, D., & Koren, H. (2014). GEM: A Model for Collective Ideation. The Collective Intelligence 2014, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, USA.

To cope with today's hyper-competitive and fast-pacing world of business, many corporations use open innovation processes, which facilitate information aggregation, forecasting, problem solving, and idea management to leverage the collective intelligence of internal and external stakeho

The study subject is online collaborative systems in coopetitive situations. Understanding the balance and tension between cooperation and competition may help explore ways to design systems to utilize both forces.

Event date: 
01/06/2014 - 09:30

The Wikipedia Academy  is the leading conference center featuring the Wikimedia Foundation projects and wiki technology in Israel .

The purpose of this study is to provide a systematic basis for promoting access to scientific publications and research findings. The study will identify legal barriers on access to scientific resources and provide a coherent legal policy to be adopted by various policy makers in Israel.

Cultivating a "Community of Learners"  - DR. Kate Bielaczyc

Prof. Katerine (Kate) Bielaczyc, Director, Hiatt Center for Urban Education, Clark University

Issues and challenges in studying learning communities: A conversation with an expert

Chair: Prof. Dani Ben-Zvi

Dr. Daphne Raban research group:

Our research group studies motivations to learn and share knowledge, mechanisms of knowledge diffusion in networks, perceived value of learning materials and the relation between personal epistemology and the perceived value of information.