Co-creation of Knowledge in Technology-Enhanced Communities of Learning

Carmit Pion

  • Research Group: 
    Prof. Yael Kali
    Academic Institute: 
    University of Haifa

    Mrs. Carmit Pion

    I'm a doctoral student within the Education Technologies program at the Haifa University, under the academic supervision of ​ Prof. Yael Kali from the department of Educational Technologies and Director of LINKS.  

    My study is part of the LINKS Future Learning Spaces (FLS) project.  In this project we are a group of scholars explores how the idea of space, driven by innovative technologies and pedagogies, can be re-conceptualized to prepare students to participate in our knowledge society. 

    My research adopted Jim Slotta's model of Knowledge Community and Inquiry (KCI) for "smart classrooms". My research goal is to explore the added value of the Knowledge Community and Inquiry approach for "smart classrooms" to promote a culture of collaborative inquiry in the community, and eventually, to advance deep learning among students. 

    My study is a design-based research (DBR) in which the KCI model is employed in three different disciplinary areas (science, math, and humanities). 

    In addition to my research I work at KATOM program in the Davidson Institute of Science Education. I have worked as an instructional designer over a decade, in developing digital curriculum and learning technology products in educational technology companies (Time To Know, the Center for Educational Technology, "MABAT LAGAN" program for kindergarten, the Science and Technology Center, Tel Aviv University).


    M.A. - Educational Technologies, Tel-Aviv University. (Suma cum Laude)

    B.Ed. - Early childhood Education and language arts. Bar-Ilan University. (Suma Cum Laude)