Co-creation of Knowledge in Technology-Enhanced Communities of Learning

Guy Hefetz

  • Research Group: 
    Prof. Dani Ben Zvi
    Academic Institute: 
    University of Haifa

    Mr. Guy Hefetz

    About Me

    My name is Guy Hefetz and I am a doctoral student at Prof. Dani Ben-Zvi's research group. My research interests are well defined through the abstract of my thesis:

    Sociocultural approaches to learning define both individual and community learning in relation to a culture of a community (Lantolf & Thorne, 2006). Specifically, the learning of a community is seen in these approaches as developments in its culture (Bielaczyc, Kapur, & Collins, 2013; Scardamalia & Bereiter, 2006; Sfard, 1998; Wenger, 1998b).

    The communities of practice (CoPs) literature suggests the possibility that communities are at times connected to each other in a structure that can be related to as a network of communities (NoC) (Wenger, 1998b). In such networks culture development can occur within and between communities. No empirical examination of culture development in NoCs was found in the CoPs literature and no reference to it was found in the learning sciences key literature. Therefore, the aim of the current research is to advance the understanding and the conceptualization of this phenomenon.

    The research is based on Wenger’s work on CoPs (Wenger, 1998b, 2004b; Wenger, Trayner, & Laat, 2011) and assumes a micro perspective that focuses on processes of culture development that occur between a community and its neighbor communities in a NoC. The primary research question is “how does culture develop in a community within a NoC?” This question will be researched in the context of a community of teacher trainers in a NoC in northern Israel. The NoC is composed of communities from several educational institutions. Culture development will be explored using a grounded theory strategy. Data will be collected through interviews and observations. Analysis of these data will be based on microgentic analysis (Chinn, 2006; Siegler, 2006) and verbal analysis (Chi, 1997).


    Dani Ben-Zvi's research groups

    1. The COOL-Connections research group aims to investigate learning communities from both disciplinary and non-disciplinary perspectives. The members of this research group are Einat Gil, Guy HefetzOshra DuekTamar NovikKeren AridorShiri Mor Hagani , Yotam HodJacqui Basil-ShacharHana ManorAtar RonMichal Dvir and Ayelet Paleiov.
    2.  The Connections research group focuses on the study and the development of students' emerging statistical reasoning and argumentation skills. The members of this research group are Einat GilKeren AridorHana ManorAtar RonMichal  Dvir and Ayelet Paleiov.