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Liraz Judith Segal

  • Liraz Segal
    Research Group: 
    Dr. Oren Golan
    Academic Institute: 
    University of Haifa

    Mrs. Liraz Segal

    Liraz is a graduate student developing a LINKS dissertation entitled 'Fundamentalist Matchmaking: Online Mate selection amongst the Ultra-Orthodox society in Israel', supervised by Dr. Oren Golan.

    As the pursuit of marriage is a delicate and socially sanctioned activity, Liraz's focus of its digital manifestations highlights the intersection between traditional society and technological change. By investigating the informal modes of online matchmaking in a traditionally reclusive society, Liraz aims to uncover the nature of the ultra Orthodox community's boundaries and trace the core points of which its frontiers are thick and impassible on the one hand, and where its barriers are more fluctuating and penetrable on the other. Accordingly, she aims to elucidate the outcomes (and costs) of the ongoing encounter between tradition and innovation and between the sacred and the profane.

    Liraz is currently an MA student in Educational Consultancy, after earning an undergraduate degree in Education as well as Sociology and Social Anthropology from the University of Haifa. In the past four years she has been employed as a Research Assistant for Dr. Maya Benish-Weisman from the Department of Counseling and Human Development in the University of Haifa. Liraz currently acts as a Teaching Assistant for Dr. Shulamit Kapon of the Department of Learning, Teaching and Instruction in the University of Haifa. In addition, Liraz volunteers to work with students that struggle with mental health problems as well as with 3rd and 4th grade pupils in a leadership program.