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Meital Amzalag

  • Mrs. Meital Amzalag
    Research Group: 
    Prof. Nelly Elias
    Prof. Yael Kali
    Academic Institute: 
    Ben-Gurion University
    University of Haifa
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    Mrs. Meital Amzalag

    Meital Amzalag is a Ph.D Student in the Department of Learning, Instruction and Teacher Education, part of the Technologies in Education Graduate Program, in the Faculty of Education, in Haifa University.

    Meital has Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry (from the Faculty of Science in the Hebrew University in Jerusalem). She has MA degree in Development Teaching programs, from the faculty of Education in Tel Aviv University.

    Meital is a lecturer in the Ruppin academic Center and head of Software Department in the Ruppin Technological College.  

    Her Ph.D research is done with the guidance of Prof. Nelly Elias – head of the Department of Communication studies in Ben-Gurion University and Prof. Yael Kali from the department of Educational Technologies and Director of Links.

    Her Ph.D research is about the role of online social networks for cultural, social and academicals integration among students from Ethiopian origin.