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Michal Yerushalmy

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    Prof. Michal Yerushalmy
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    University of Haifa
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    Prof. Michal Yerushalmy

    Michal Yerushalmy is a professor in the department of Mathematics Education at the

    University of Haifa, Israel. Yerushalmy is the director of the Institute of Research and 

    Development of Alternative sin Education  and a member of the Learning in Networked 

    Society (LINKS) National Research Center. Yerushalmy studies mathematical learning and teaching, focus on 

    design and implementation of reformed curricula and on cognitive processes involved 

    in learning with multiple external representations, bodily interactions and modeling. 

    Yerushalmy authored and designed numerous software packages and interactive 

    textbooks (International Journal for Computers in Mathematical Learning, 4 (2-3)). 

    She co- authored the Geometric Supposer (Educational Studies in Mathematics, 57), 

    the VisuaMath algebra curriculum (Technology, Knowledge and Learning 16 (3), 

    Educational Designer, 2(6)), and studies learning of calculus in dynamic and multi-
    representation environments (Educational Studies in Mathematics, 80 (3)) and designed 

    ways to make technology available for mathematical inquiry learning everywhere using 

    mobile phones (The Math4Mobile project . )

    Michal Yerushalmy received the 2010 ISDDE Prize for Excellence in Educational Design.  

    Since 2011 Prof. Yerushalmy serves as the Vice president & Dean of Research of the University of Haifa