Co-creation of Knowledge in Technology-Enhanced Communities of Learning

Shiri Mor

  • Shiri Mor Hagani
    Research Group: 
    Prof. Dani Ben Zvi
    Academic Institute: 
    University of Haifa

    Mrs. Shiri Mor Hagani

    I am a doctoral student at the University of Haifa, in the Technologies in Education Graduate Program, under the academic supervision of Prof. Dani Ben Zvi. My research theme is Computer Enhanced Reflective Dialogic Discourse.  

    The goal in this PhD dissertation is to identify the role and possible contributions of two computer-supported reflective discourse arenas for computer supported learning community . Two additional goals were defined: a) to examine how and in what ways the different aspects of an online reflective journal space can support reflective–collaborative discourse; b) to identify how the integration between the three dimensions of discourse: reflective, dialogic and collaborative, are manifested in the written reflection, and in the conversations that accompany them. My dissertation was submitted for judgment in April, 2016. 

    I participate in Dani Ben-Zvi's Cool-connections research group. ​The  research group aims to investigate learning communities from both disciplinary and non-disciplinary perspectives. The members of this research group are: Einat Gil, Guy HefetzOshra DuekKeren AridorShiri Mor Hagani , Yotam HodJacqui Basil-ShacharHana ManorAtar RonMichal Dvir and Ayelet Paleiov .