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Shula Mola

  • Shula Mola
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    Prof. Amit Schejter
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    Ben-Gurion University
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    Mrs. Shula Mola

    Shula Mola is a PhD candidate in the Department of Communication Studies at Ben-Gurion University of Negev.
    Based on years of experience in the areas of education, ​​advocacy and social action ​among the Ethiopian Israeli community, Shula is now focusing her research on the ​impact of communication technologies and social media ​in particular, on identity perception, attitude and related activities of Israeli-Ethiopians.

    Shula's MA thesis which focused on racism towards  ​Ethiopian high school students ​and their struggle for normalcy and integration is about to be published  soon​,​ co- ​authored by Prof. Tamar Rappaport of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.