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Tamar Weiss

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    Prof. Tamar Weiss
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    University of Haifa
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    Prof. Tamar Weiss

    Department of Occupational Therapy
    Faculty of Social Welfare and Health Studies

    University of Haifa

    Head of the Laboratory for Innovations in Rehabilitation Technology

    Rehabilitation Technology, Ergonomics, Biomechanics, Distance learning

    Research in the Laboratory for Innovations in Rehabilitation Technology focuses on a number of complementary topics:

    • Novel computer access interfaces that will enable individuals with severe physical disabilities to use their residual motor abilities in more efficient and less fatiguing ways.
    • Virtual Reality (VR) as a training and treatment tool for the rehabilitation of individuals with severe physical disabilities.
    • Use of speech and non-speech audio to convey information normally displayed visually on a computer screen.
    • Videoconferencing for hospitalized children and the effects of telerobotics and telepresence.
    • The Internet and online learning for teaching health care professionals at the university and continuing education.
    • Quantitative computerized evaluation of normal and dysgraphic handwriting.



    B.Sc.(O.T) - 1975-1977: University of Western Ontario, Department of Occupational Therapy

    M.Sc. - 1977-1979: University of Waterloo (Canada). Department of Kinesiology

    Master Thesis: Anticipatory postural reactions.

    Ph.D. - 1980-1985: McGill University (Canada), Biomedical Engineering Unit and Department of Physiology

    Ph.D. Dissertation: Position dependence of ankle joint mechanics and reflex dynamics.