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Yaacov Don

  • Research Group: 
    Dr. Oren Golan
    Academic Institute: 
    University of Haifa

    Mr. Yaacov Don RIP

    It is with very deep sorrow that we have been forced to part from our dear colleague and friend Yaacov Don who was savagely murdered in an act of terrorism on November 19th, 2015. We are truly overwhelmed and saddened for the loss of an extraordinary teacher and researcher and a dedicated member of our LINKS community.

    Yaacov's research focused on the combination of religiosity with openness towards modernity , through the domestication of New Media.

    During his last months of life, Yaacov was very involved and almost finishing his dissertation at LINKS, entitled Education and Legitimacy for New Media amongst the religious Zionist movement in Israel, supervised by Dr. Oren Golan.

    Yaccov was a Rabbinical studies' graduate of the Hesder Yishivah Har Etzion. He earned an M.Ed at The Yaakov Herzog College, and an MA at the Hebrew University in the School of Educations' Administration, and Leadership in Education Program.

    Yaakov served as a senior educator in Israel’s state religious system (Mamlachty Dati). In recent years, he was employed by the ministry of Education to implement 21st century competency compliance in educational technologies.

    In his ongoing LINKS study, Yaakov addressed the process of communal domestication of new media from the educational elite’s point of view (e.g. key rabbinical figures, yeshiva/women seminary headmasters, religious high school principals).

    His study’s focus was on the Zionist-Religious congregation in Israel, a community that ideologically combines religiosity with openness towards modernity. The study follows the careful, sanctioned process of integration of these new technologies and aims to elucidate how clearly defined and traditional societies enable technological advances to be part of their everyday lives and educational practices, both in formal and informal settings.

    In addition to our own personal bereavement, we deeply regret Yaacov’s untimely passing as a grave loss to Israeli education and society.




    Yaakov Don's Thesis (including English Abstract) can be accessed here

    Published reflection on Yaakov's Thesis in Makor Rishon, by Hananel Rosenberg accessible here