Co-creation of Knowledge in Technology-Enhanced Communities of Learning

Yotam Hod

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    Prof. Dani Ben Zvi
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    University of Haifa
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    Dr. Yotam Hod

    I am currently the director of the Future Learning Spaces project, as part of the LINKS I-CORE Center.  My primary research interests deal with technology-enhanced classroom learning communities.  How are they designed and established?  How do newcomers develop their understanding about what they are, and enculturate learning community practices?  What are the group processes that play an important part in such learning? To answer these questions, I have studies an innovative technology-enhanced learning community.

    I am the former director (2011-2012) of the Digital Cities Project, a co-existence program funded by Cisco with the goals of bridging the digital gap between Nazareth and Nazareth-Illit.  This program brought together teachers and administrators from the predominantly Arab and Jewish cities, respectively, to create a joint professional learning community. 
    I am a former mathematics teacher, technology coordinator, and assistant principal at Vanguard High School, in New York City. Vanguard belongs to the Coalition of Essential Schools (CES), an organization dedicated to organizing schools as learning communities. This is where I learned a great deal about learning, and was a big part of the inspiration for my doctoral studies. 
    I am a former U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer (South Africa, 2000-2002) where I helped the Nhlazatje/Tjakastad community integrate the nationwide Outcomes Based Education plan.  I also worked with youth groups there on HIV/AIDS prevention.  You can read an article that was published in the Times Beacon Record about my experience, and see photos I took on my flickr account.
    In 2005, I earned a M.Sc. in Mathematics Education from City College of New York, an advanced certification to be a school leader from Hunter College's school administration and supervision program (in 2007), and a B.A. from the State University of New York at Buffalo (in 2000) in Psychology.