Co-creation of Knowledge in Technology-Enhanced Communities of Learning

Research Group: 
Dr. Oren Golan
Academic Institute: 
University of Haifa
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Mr Eldar Fehl

Eldar Fehl is the coordinator of LINKS’ Future Learning Spaces (FLS) and LINKS’  technical director alongside Yaniv Dubowski.


Eldar is a graduate student in the Technologies in Education program at the University of Haifa and is a member of Dr. Oren Golan’s Net Lab that focuses on communities, new media, and education.


He completed his undergraduate studies at The Hebrew University, where as part of the Honors Program on Philosophy, Political Science and Economics (PPE). Presently, Eldar’s key interest is how cultural frameworks that shape learning are transformed when advanced technologies and academic curricula become integrated within reclusive societies.


The growing pursuit of external and scientific knowledge by reclusive and fundamentalist communities is transformative and also echoes a growing tension between modernity and tradition, a tension compounded with the advent of modern technologies such as the internet, mobile phones, and digital gaming. In this context, Eldar seeks to understand how technology can enhance a religious learner’s epistemological ability to integrate external knowledge. For this purpose, he has developed a case study on the legitimacy of knowledge conveyed by new media in academia and among bounded communities, with particular attention paid to ultra-Orthodox Jews in Israel and their recent forays into academia and new media.

His experience as an instructor specializing in preparing prospective college students for Israel's psychometric exams motivated Eldar to pursue a better understanding of learning, with a particular focus on marginalized and bounded communities