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  • Prof. Niva Elkin Koren research group: Jonathan Har-Carmel, Tal Niv, Dalit Ken-Dror Feldman.

    The law of digital textbooks

    MOOC Massive open online course

    Norms Generator for Learning Communities

    Open Access to Educational Resources

  • Ass. Prof. Ayelet Baram-Tsabari research group: ›Involving science teachers in designing an online "Shadow Syllabus" that integrates the voice of the students. ›With Prof. Yael Kali ›PhD students: Hani Swirski (2013), Jenny Spector (2014) ›Expressions of science literacy in reader comments to socio-scientific online coverage. ›PhD student: Esti Laslo (2010) ›Evidence-based science communication policy in Israel: science in the media status report. ›Master student: Yael Barel (2012) ›Collaboration with Ne’eman Institute. ››Using aggregated search engine data to identify public interest in science. ›Collaboration with Dr. Elad Segev, Tel-Aviv University ›Science communication in the new media. ›PhD student: Aviv Sharon (2014) ››The Polio vaccination crisis in the social media: knowledge and trust. ›Collaboration with Prof. Bruce Lewenstein and Dr. Dima Epstein from Cornell University

  • Prof. Amit Schejter research group

    Prof. Amit Schejter research group: Dr. Orit Ben-Harush, Noam Tirosh, Shula Mola, Jonathan Mendels.

    Research Objectives: Explore the information needs of marginalized communities. Analyze how ICT use can address these needs Design empowering policy interventions.

  • Dr. Daphne Raban research group:

    Our research group studies motivations to learn and share knowledge, mechanisms of knowledge diffusion in networks, perceived value of learning materials and the relation between personal epistemology and the perceived value of information.

  • BGU COM LINKS is a team of researchers led by Professor Amit Schejter of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, department of communication studies.